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No More Secrets Mind Body Spirit, Inc


No More Secrets Mind Body Spirit Inc. is the nation's first sexuality awareness and consultative organization. Our focus is to decrease risk in vulnerable populations through the development and implementation of sustainable programming and polices.

Our mission at No More Secrets Mind Body Spirit Inc. is: To decrease stigmas, silence and secrecy by increasing self-esteem, socialization and self-love.


Traci’s B.I.O ( Beautiful Inside & OUT) 


Our Mission: It is our mission to support those who are newly diagnosed and breast cancer SURVIVORS maintain a level of normalcy while going through an abnormal process. It is our desire to provide breast cancer survivors with the EDUCATION , SERVICES, RESOURCES and both SPIRITUAL and THERAPUTIC SUPPORT to assist with this life changing process. Since the birth of Traci’s BIO we have worked to offer practical information to tap into one’s inner strength despite loss of hair, nails, and other physical changes.

Project Always Receving Logo.png

Project Always Receiving 


Project Always Receiving is a nonprofit focused on improving agricultural sustainability and increasing outreach within the city of Philadelphia. We pride ourselves on being a safe haven and inclusive space for others.

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